Nov 22 Factory visit

Back down to Marchwood to see how the 480 is progressing, its getting very exciting now because many parts of the boat are beginning to look like the finished article. Of course there is still a lot to do, but now you really get the sense that it’s the home straight….

So today I spent time with Lang & Potter who are supplying the upholstery, they had some nice ideas about enhancing some of the detail of the finish which I liked, and some time with electrical guys checking the TV’s and instrument positioning, plus hearing about what the next steps in the build are, as the deadline for the boats despatch to Dusseldorf is set….

Here you can see the forecabin, which is now almost ready for headlining boards and material, doors and upholstery to be complete.


And just because I love electronics the first elements of the Raymarine systems are being installed


Meanwhile the Amtico flooring is being fitted to the pre-cut floor boards, all the elements are carefully measured and preplanned to ensure the grain, and plank edges are continuous through the boat. Rather them than me!


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