Dec 12 Factory Visit

This week the visit was mainly about looking at the upholstery, which had been delivered back to the factory by Lang and Potter. Here’s the fore-cabin with mattress and headboard in position. The charcoal leather of the desk seat can be seen in the lower left. The mattress is pocket sprung and very comfortable. The stainless trim has also been installed in the fiddle rails. All looking great!


Here’s the saloon cushions in position, the differing sizes are deliberate, and designed to ease the access to the storage behind and underneath. Non of these are properly fixed yet, so may be a little neater when it’s finished


The nav desk seat in charcoal, because it will probably be the most used!


And finally the aft cabin mattress and seats and headboard, stainless trim is still to be installed, plus the chrome covers for the light switch, USB port and power socket mounted on the bulkhead.


Meanwhile outside, the ring decking has been installed, and the remaining deck gear stanchions and other rigging hardware. All looking close to complete now. It’s just possible to see the “chrome” vinyl tape that has been applied over the white cove line


Now the build scaffold is being removed and with the factory door open it’s a real reminder that the boat will very soon be on a lorry bound for the Dusseldorf show.

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