Bye Bye Dusseldorf

Discovery Yachts Group stand with Southerly 480 and Britania 74 model

Well I had a great time in Dusseldorf Boot 50! I met a lot of interesting visitors, and talked a lot about boats. This show is massive anything to do with enjoying time on the water was there.

Our 480 seemed to be well received and the Discovery Stand welcomed all who visited, and I would think there were thousands that came to the stand.

I will make the trip again next year for sure. So my thanks to the Discovery folk and the hundreds of visitors with all their kind words about our new boat.

Bye Bye Dusseldorf….

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Dusseldorf

  1. Very much enjoyed all your updates from the boat show (following the CW forum thread too!). When do you expect the commissioning process to start? Interesting to hear they’ll be offering a lower saloon version for the fixed keel. Do you know if that version will lose some tank/storage space for equipment? I assume one of the benefits of the raised saloon is that you can pack good sized tanks under the floor, not to mention batteries etc. Either way I’d consider someone slightly mad to miss out on the Southerly keel!


    1. Hi Graham – – I don’t have the facts yet, but I suspect that there will be an impact since effectively the volume in the hull will be biased more towards accommodation. This suits owners that have sailing objectives different to those owners that typically choose either a Discovery or Southerly and as such offers a DYG option for their shortlist. Overall the Revelation will still have generous machinery capacity since it is 48ft after all, and technologies like Lithium batteries will certainly help. For me, like you the keel system is king!

      Comisioning on our boat should start when she gets back from Dusseldorf in Feb, and will take about 3 weeks. Ill post details of the process as it progresses.


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