20 Feb – Hythe Marina

So today the boat was moved from Saxon Wharf to Hythe Marina (2.8nm) , where the testing/commissioning will be carried out. The canvas and window mesh have been fitted.

I’ll be down there later in the week to set up some of the nav systems etc, so just this one pic for now…

4 thoughts on “20 Feb – Hythe Marina

  1. More updates, great stuff! She looks amazing now she’s in the water.

    What is that mesh on the window for? I assumed it was a sun blind to protect the inside when you’re off the boat, but is it something else? I noticed the Distant Shores boat has the same.


    1. Hi Graham, Thanks for your kind comments. Yes you’re right! The mesh is designed to reduce the amount of sun passing through the glass, by around 70% I understand. It seems to work well, whilst not making the boat dark below. We had internal blinds before, and whilst they have an effect, the heat has already been generated once the light had passed through the glass. Paul (Distant Shores) tells me this stuff works very well, so fingers crossed that he’s right!


      1. Oh very interesting. Not a feature I’ve had much need of in British waters but I bet they’ll be a big help when you head out to sunnier spots, especially if the Shards swear by them. Are they easy to store/put on the windows?

        I’ve been thoroughly enjoying watching the whole process, quite an effort all round to get a boat from paper to water it turns out!


      2. Glad you’ve enjoyed it – – The mesh is easy to roll away and store, and just has “poppers” to hold it in place. When we get going I’ll post on how it holds up!


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