Our Sanders Sails are Ready to go!

We spent a lot of time looking for the right sails for the new boat, and in particular talking with Peter Sanders in Lymington about the right specification. Fast forward and it’s really nice that Chris Sanders sent us some pictures of the sails being produced.

It’s great to see the detail and care that has been built in to the finished article(s). I’ll post more detail on a separate page of the site in due course

Here’s the Genoa design being finalised on the computer system
Laser Cutting: The huge cutting table holds the Vectron cloth by vacuum. This machine also has a blade cutter to suit different cloth types.
All the cut panels are then stuck together before being sewn
After which its a sail, this is the Self tacking Jib

Nicely finished – Covered clew on the jib
With practical and thoughtful detail – 2:1 leech line on the Genoa and patch above.

Very soon now these will be on the boat, Peter Sanders will be with the Discovery team during the commissioning to check everything is perfect.

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