21 Mar – Hythe Marina

First time sailing the boat! Tony Bertram the Discovery commissioning manager invited me aboard to trial sail the new sails, although this event was for the commissioning team to test the running rigging and furling gear rather than one focused on the client as part of handover. It was a short few hours but not to be missed as a chance for me to have a look at other stuff like the alternator(s) output engine temps and the instruments.

The sails set well in the light winds (7 knots max) and the controls were all good, steering felt nice, keel control worked as expected, and the thrusters are very good which is just as well given the marina berth is very tight!

Bit of a grey day in the Solent but perfect for a first trial of the sails

The commissioning process is very thorough I must say which gives a lot of confidence that when handover takes place she will already be well sorted.

2 thoughts on “21 Mar – Hythe Marina

  1. Looks amazing! I saw that Discovery are having an event this coming week, will your yacht be taking part?
    Must be very exciting to be so close to finishing the handover. I don’t know if you’ve planned many more posts before you leave, but I know lots of people (or maybe just me!) would enjoy reading a breakdown of your testing, the handover, how problems are found/fixed on such a complex new boat.
    Also don’t deprive us of some more pictures of the completed yacht before you sail off!


    1. Hi Graham – Yes she will be in Lymington for the event this weekend and pretty much ready to go. The handover will start on Friday for real with the first part covering the engineering and electrical install. I’ve been popping down from time to time to see how they have been getting on with their commissioning which looks to have been very thorough. I will at some point put some info on the site as to how I have gone about getting myself satisfied that everything is present and working, and our initial test/shakedown sails. Previously we found it takes a while for some issues to show up, but this time I’m hoping for a very short list! We’re a little out of sequence with Disco’s normal process because of the opportunity I had to follow the build process, I also found time during Dusseldorf to make a list of the fit and finish type snags, like sticking catches, and sadly a few scratches/marks mostly gained at the show. I will pop a few more photos on the site now she’s finished, which I had hoped to do during the commissioning but I found it better just to leave the guys to get on rather than me being in the way. Its getting exciting now, after the weekend we will be able to put our own kit on board, and it all gets real! Thanks for following our progress and for your comments which are always nice to read.


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