The first Revelation 480 P1

Well although this isn’t a Southerly 480 I feel justified putting this picture on the blog, because they are sisters! The Revelation 480 will have a lowered saloon fixed keel and saildrive which differentiate the Revelation class from the Southerly class of Discovery yachts.

Heres a couple of shots of the first Revelation 480 hull emerging from the moulds

Revelation 480 is born – Sistership to the Southerly 480 with fixed keel and lowered saloon
Gorgeous colour scheme and beautifully fair mouldings judging by the reflections

Hope the owner will let me try her out to compare her with our Southerly…..

See the page on the website for a comparison of the Revelation and Southerly 480’s here:

6 thoughts on “The first Revelation 480 P1

  1. Well, looks like your grey hull has a copycat then! You must have started a trend, not surprised as Constance looks amazing in your recent pictures. You must be thrilled to be able to move aboard?

    Interesting to see the Revelation design. Could you answer a question I’ve been wondering? I thought that the Revelation existed to allow a lower saloon model as the Southerly keel wouldn’t fit. But I saw in some pictures that the new Southerly 435 has a lower saloon! So will the Revelation 480 have the option of a swing keel at all, but with the low saloon?


    1. Hi Graham, Yes grey seems to be popular now – a Bluewater 50 catamaran with grey hulls came out of the moulds today, and thanks for your kind comments about Constance.

      A Swing keeled Revelation would be a lovely option, but it seems that it would need a lot of redesign work on the keel and its hydraulic systems (as was done to create the Southerly 435 from the Southerly 42) to make the intruding parts of the keel-box smaller, and because of the extra beam in the hull of a 480 the keelbox (which forms the base of the table in the 435) and table would be dominant in the central interior of the boat negating the idea of the lower saloon Revelation; to offer a very spacious feel below, so at this stage it’s an option that isn’t in the pipeline. I suspect the concept would work better with a centre cockpit design (like the 435), since then the saloon would be pushed forwards a little, and a passage galley into the aft cabin would avoid any clash with the keel box. I guess if enough folk were to ask, (Southerly 485 – Sounds good) it would get some traction. At the moment the design guys are pretty focused on the Southerly 600, and Revelation 56 where the most enquiries are focused, with the Revelation/Southerly 480 being the most in demand of course!

      So tomorrow we are putting some more stuff on Constance, so that we are ready to give her a shake down cruise in a week or so from now, so Ill post a few more pictures soon, without I hope too many faults to report……..


  2. Thanks for answering my incessant questions! That makes sense, I didn’t consider the difference the aft vs centre cockpit would have on a low-saloon version. You definitely have the inside scoop on what Discovery/Southerly are doing and its fascinating. I didn’t know a Southerly 60 was in the works, is that a Discovery-quality version of the older Southerly 59 hull? I believe only a handful of the 59s were made but what a boat! I’ve definitely noticed that the 480 is the most popular.

    That’s really exciting, must be hectic and a lot to do shifting your stuff onto Constance. Looks like it might be the perfect time of year for a handover though, if the weather holds up! All the best


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