29 – June Torquay

A nice passage down the coast to Torquay with light winds blowing from the east we ended up motor-sailing most of the way to keep our speed up. Turned out the Genoa furling line that was seen to be too short at handover has not been rectified, not that it would have made a whole lot of difference on this trip. Conditions were sufficiently light that the inshore passage around Portland Bill was a better choice than going offshore to avoid what can at times be a dangerous race extending as much as 5 miles out. Here’s a picture showing the benign conditions, in bad weather we would be much closer to shore where there are normally quite a few lobster pots, this time we were able to go outside those

Portland Bill

Afew hours later and we tied up in a tight berth in Torquay Marina, on a 25m berth between two flybridge boats, limits our view somewhat, but we are a stones throw from the town centre, and hapily one of the most helpful and well run marinas I’ve been to. Here’s our home for a few days

Torquay Marina
The view forwards over the sprayhood

So now the washing machine is on, and a visit to the town for supplies will be the order of the day….. before we sample some of the seafood here or in neighbouring Brixham.

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