The first Revelation 480 P2

Well for quite a few visitors to the blog part of the site the Revelation 480 has been the most read page – So here’s a few shots showing the progress made on the build:

This is the engineering space where in shot are the Mastervolt combi and isolation transformer to the right is the tip of the aft cabin island berth
Tha aft cabin with its Tri View windows and an additional 200lt water tank
The saloon area, floor supports are in, as are fuel and main water tank, the Tri View windows are at the perfect height to see through when seated
Here’s the very custom forecabin in this two cabin version, this would normally have an island berth on the centreline, but this version will have sofa style seating and a table/desk, very comfortable – a private saloon! Standard layout will be a three cabin version which is great for larger crews.
Soon it will look like this – Stbd saloon looking forward
And this from the port saloon looking aft over the galley and extra storage unit towards the companionway

Being a Southerly fan I don’t mind admitting that this is a very appealing package, with the lower saloon giving such a spacious feel, and to some folk the choice of deep or shoal draft fixed keels is all thats needed – but I’ll stick to my Southerly with its swing keel! Bah Humbug..

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