13 – September Southampton Boat Show

Constance Southerly 480 & Page Southerly 540 being prepared for Southampton boat show

Well all our plans went to bits and were in Southampton for SIBS. The clouds cleared early on and it was a gorgeous day. Our Southerly 480 and a 540 shown here. Constance is looking gorgeous, and she got a lot of very nice people on board for day one of the show – a busy day with 9 more to go……

2 thoughts on “13 – September Southampton Boat Show

  1. Nice to see the sites still updating! Constance looks lovely in the water, must be a great feeling after a long build.

    I happened to overnight in Yarmouth on the IoW the week before the boat show. I think I must have seen Page moored up on the other side of the marina, a huge new blue southerly anyway, but it was too dark to pick out a name and we were too tired to walk all the way round and see! Both boats look brilliant, I bet Discovery were chuffed to have two of the new models local for the show?


    1. Yes that would have been Page. I’ve been busy but will still post updates when we do something interesting, hopefully more often than of late!

      The boats went down really well at the show, and we were very pleased with the great comments people made.

      Thanks for getting in touch.


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