Distant Shores III – sistership to our Southerly 480

An introduction: We are Adrian and Julie, now both retired and planning to extend our sailing horizons before old age and bath chairs take over. Based in the UK near Chichester with one grown up daughter Constance, we’re eager to go….

When choosing our boats over the years I have benefited from the experience of many kind people. The idea behind this site is to publish what we have learned through the purchase of our Southerly 480 in the hope that it helps and perhaps even inspires others.

I am somewhat late creating this site, Discovery will soon finish the build and our new yacht also named Constance will be displayed at “boot Dusseldorf” in January (2019). Much will follow but  prompt me if you think we have missed anything or with any questions.

Best wishes to all

Adrian & Julie

P.S. Thank you to the folk at Discovery for supplying some of the photos and particularly Sean Langdon for allowing me to take many more without any clearing up or preparation on their part.  www.discoveryshipyard.com

And to Paul and Sheryl Shard at Distant Shores for the same reason. www.distantshores.ca