Decision made and the sales guy we engaged with took us through the process in a clear and simple way.

We started by defining our draft specification and options with the “New Build Co-ordinator” who has a detailed knowledge of the boats and what choices other owners have made before. This process is great, and added much to our thought process as previous builds incorporated some nice ideas, you never stop learning!

The spec, together with a target launch date gave us a price for the boat, and allowed us to see what the payment schedule would look like. The process prompted us to think again how we would use the boat and to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of our previous boats. That thinking and our strictly finite budget led to further iterations, and a list of materials and colour choices we would need to settle over time. It was not a rush, and was actually a very enjoyable process. For example our selection of interior furnishing samples looked like this:


There are still some duplicated elements here, but at this part of the process she is beginning to be a reality. Exciting.

Finally and with an agreed price we carried out some financial due diligence, looked through the contract and stage payment schedules went back over the specification, signed the contracts and paid the deposit.

There have been some refinements to the spec since then, but only minor changes in reality, and still in budget.

For those interested what’s in that photo the main timber is Light Walnut, the smaller sample at the bottom is Maple used for the desk/table in the fore-cabin, the white leather is Miurhead Vanilla for the main seating, and grey Anthracite for the nav station seat, headlining bottom left is white Silvertex, and sidelining middle top is Macadamia, flooring is in the top right corner and is Amtico Dusky Walnut. Those choices plus the idea to use stainless steel inlays in fiddles and doors make the boat unique to us. A few months later this is how it all came together

How she turned out – Saloon

Exterior shot on stand at Dusseldorf Boot 2019