Raised or Lower Saloon – Southerly or Revelation

Discovery, and the larger Southerly yachts tend to be deck saloons. This suits us very well since in our cruising area it’s often nice to be in the saloon, warm and dry and still able to feel part of our surrounds when outside the weather is not so great. The Revelation 48 is a lowered saloon version of the yacht that is now available with the first boat ordered.

Is there a downside? Well the compromise is that the accommodation has to be arranged inside or between the decks so that when sitting you can see out, whereas with a lower saloon the furniture can be pushed further out, leaving more of the yachts beam for living space. Typically there will be more levels and steps with a raised saloon, whereas a single cabin sole level can be achieved with a lower saloon. Stowage behind the seating and under the saloon floor will of course be different as well

The following drawings illustrate the effect of the two arrangements to the accommodation. These are a sketch/study of the Revelation 48 a lowered saloon version and the standard Southerly 480 layout. The only difference is raised/lowered saloon arrangement.

Southerly 480 2 cabin general arrangement
Revelation 48 Draft general arrangement

So it is, as always, a matter of personal preference. For us our normal cruising grounds were a determining factor, but it is helpful to see different versions of the same boat so that you can then accurately quantify how that difference will impact your life on board.

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